Access to Medicines


UAEM Cambridge:



The Access to Medicines subcommittee is part of a wider international organisation called Universities Allied for Essential Medicine, that is active in more than 20 countries. UAEM students work together to influence policies at universities in order to ensure that the products of biomedical research and development are made available to an affordable price to the people who need them most. Historically this has been the poor and most marginalized worldwide. From only asking how universities can best license their innovations to promote global access to also asking how universities can best direct and measure their research to have the greatest social impact worldwide. UAEM works continuously to raise general awareness of these issues, and conduct independent research about them to empower our fellow students to tackle these challenges.


Currently, UAEM Cambridge is advocating for research and data informing therapeutics, diagnostics and vaccines for COVID-19 that are generated by the University of Cambridge to be patent free and free of charge. Follow the campaign on social media to see what they have been up to: @uaematcambridge


The subcommittee this year will continue to work on the campaign on COVID-19, planning and carrying out actions and other advocacy. For people new to advocacy/ access to medicines, there will be also a focus on educating ourselves on access to medicines through independent research, presentations and training. This will particularly take place in Michaelmas.