Model WHO conferences are educational simulations in which students and young professionals recreate the process of the annual World Health Assembly as held in the WHO Geneva Headquarters. The focus lies in addressing global health issues at its local, national, and international level.

Attending the Cambridge World Health Organisation conference simulation will allow you to discuss these topics with experts and like-minded peers from around the world. The event is designed to simulate the annual World Health Assembly of the WHO, and this year will address the theme “Health and Environment”.

This 2-day virtual simulation runs on the weekend 21-22 August.

Each attendee will act as a delegate for a nation, an NGO, a member of the press, or a pharmaceutical industry. The aim is to identify concerns and aims key to your delegation, create resolutions under pressure, and debate with peers who may have different goals. You will also have a chance to engage with experienced and nonpareil field experts through their speeches, panel discussions, and chats – with representatives from WHO itself to Harvard brought together, to name just a few, this will be an event in your calendar to showcase.

Whether you’ve never had an argument or are an old hand at UN and WHO simulations and debates, you will have an enjoyable and informative weekend. For those with additional experience, you can even consider being a Chair at the event.

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